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The Company concerns about society impact, human rights respect, social inclusion and sustainable development.

Following this, it has been supporting carbon-free initiatives, with more than 327 trees planted, offeseting 76.6 tons of CO2.

The intention is to continue growing and acting in a conscious manner, adopting practices that reduces negative environmental impacts, contributing to the improvement of quality of life.

+327 Trees Planted
+76,6t tons of CO2


The best governance practices are adopted at Oliveira Trust, ensuring transparency and equity in information, in order to contribute to decision-making processes.

The Company concerns about society impact, human rights respect, social inclusion and sustainable development. In this way, the policies adopted are in line with the best practices in force in the Brazilian market, complying with the governance standards of the Central Bank and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission.

There is also an independent Compliance area, segregated from the Internal Audit and
reporting to the Executive Board, responsible for working with the other components of the structure, in order to ensure compliance with the guidelines established in the Responsibility Policy Social and Environmental.

All This is supported by an active board of directors composed of 5 members, which two are independent.